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Sinister Baits is a premier packer of frozen ballyhoo and frozen seafood. Nearly every product we sell is a domestic product and packed in house under a very quality conscious eye. We control the product from the time it comes out of the water from the time it is frozen in our state of the art nitrogen freezing systems. We have a very long lineage in packaging top quality frozen bait and frozen food items in frozen state, and have applied those sciences to packing the absolute best frozen bait products that are available on the market. Sinister Ballyhoo is one of the few people in the frozen ballyhoo and bait industry who monitor the fish from the time they leave the water to the time they are packaged into a case.

We are also one of the very few companies who buy directly from fisherman and pack all of our products with the same care that we do with ballyhoo.

Every other species of fish is processed here with the same care that frozen ballyhoo are, ensuring phenomenal quality no matter what you are fishing for.

When you buy Sinister Bait Products you are buying from a direct manufacturer of premium quality frozen ballyhoo. There are no corners cut, or compromises made for anything, no exceptions.